blucoil AQUA Portable Battery-Free, In-Line Headphone DAC and Amplifier for iPhone Lightning, Jet Black

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  • INTENSIFY YOUR MUSIC: AQUA is a portable amplifier designed specifically for headphones. AQUA allows you to connect to devices such as mobile devices and tablets through iOS Lightning. With the world’s lightest headphone amplifier, you can enjoy high studio-quality music wherever you go without a loudspeaker or stereo set!
  • STYLISH AND COMPACT: You can pick a color that matches your iPhone. AQUA specifically designed colors that can match with your iPhone (in the colors rose gold, gold, and space gray). With this stylish design, you’ll also reap the benefits of carrying a light and portable amplifier.
  • BATTERY FREE: Forgot to charge the amplifier? Have the batteries died? AVOID having to charge or replace the battery the night before! With its’ mini size, you can use the amplifier wherever and whenever at your own convenience. There’s no way you’ll forget to recharge or replace the battery.
  • IMPROVE YOUR AUDIO QUALITY WITH DAC: High-resolution audio quality is barely delivered to the headphones when connected to just your device. AQUA uses DAC, a digital-to-analog converter, to translate digital information on your phone into an analog signal that your headphones can understand so you can have the most optimal listening experience.
  • SOLUTION FOR IPHONE 7 USERS: The iPhone 7/7 PLUS lacks a headphone adapter. AQUA solves this problem. You can listen to any set of headphones by just plugging it into the AQUA amplifier, and connect it to your device. Enjoy high-end quality music with any pair of headphones, even if it isn’t designed for the iPhone 7!

The lightest headphone amplifier in the world. No batteries necessary and easy to carry, the Nexum Aqua can easily and quickly improve your smartphone's music quality. All you have to do is plug the Aqua into your Android phone, and plug your headphones into the Aqua, and you're good to go.

AQUA Specifications:

• Built-in Hi-Res DAC / Wolfson WM8533
• Build-in 100mW Amp / MAX97220A
• No Batteries or Recharging Necessary
• Ultra Low Power Consumption - 60mA
• Unibody Aluminium CNC Design
• Free Driver for PC (24bit/96Khz)

Manufacturer Blucoil
Model # BLCL_001
Color Black
Batteries No Batteries or Recharging Necessary
Compatibility iPhone 7/7 PLUS
Connectivity iPhone Lightning
Material Unibody Aluminium CNC
Power 60mA
Weight 1.0000