H2O Ninja X Full Face Snorkel Mask with Detachable GoPro Mount

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  • H2O NINJA MASK X: The revolutionary full face snorkeling mask is designed to make snorkeling effortless and natural. The H2O Ninja Mask X Edition has taken a step further from the Original Edition. The mask is designed to let you breathe normally under the water, just the same as you would on land.
  • CAPTURE YOUR ADVENTURE: With the H2O Ninja Mask X, you can capture the beautiful ocean views not only with your eyes, but a GoPro camera for a truly memorable adventure. The mask features a detachable action camera mount, making it the most versatile snorkel in the world.
  • MORE AIR INTAKE: The new mask design allows you to have 25% more air intake and prevents water through the snorkel even better with two additional vents, compared to the Original Edition. The snorkel piece of the H2O Ninja Mask X was increased in length by 50% in order to optimize your breathing experience.
  • SLICK DESIGN: The H2O Ninja Mask X has a design that is much more streamlined and slick compared to the original edition. The frame is transformed into 3 parts, being the most sturdy full face snorkeling mask in a class of its own.
  • REDUCED FOGGING: The H2O Ninja Mask X couples our Reduced Fogging technology with 180-Degree viewing to optimize your snorkeling experience. Spend more time underwater with up to 90% less fog than conventional snorkeling masks.

2x Anti-Fog Vent

The two additional vents of the Ninja X snorkel mask allow for an even greater reduction in fog than the original H2O Ninja mask. Less time fixing a clouded-over view, and more time taking in the sights. The H2O Ninja X is able to reduce up to 90% more fog than conventional masks. All the beauty underwater, in HD.

180​° View

The Ninja X makes the experience of seeing underwater as natural as your vision above ground. Its shatterproof polycarbonate lens delivers breath-taking 180-degree periphery viewing. With its wide and crystal-clear lens, the Ninja X will entice you to enjoy the view for hours.

Detachable Camera Mount

Have a GoPro camera? The Ninja X snorkel mask comes with a detachable camera mount that's perfect for recording your underwater explorations with a GoPro camera. Easily capture the moments swimming with friends, dolphins, and all the beauty to be found underwater.

Extended Snorkel

The snorkel piece of the H2O Ninja Mask X was increased in length by 50% in order to optimize your breathing experience. The mask design of the Ninja X also allows you to have 25% more air intake than previous models. Aside from wearing the mask, you'll feel just like you're breathing on land.

Manufacturer H2O Ninja
Model # Ninja Mask X