NeoLab Convergence M1 Smartpen for iOS, Android, Smartphones, Tablets, and Windows - Automatically Digitizes Your Handwriting and Drawings

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  • NEO SMARTPEN M1 - When we come up with ideas what's more natural than grabbing a pen and putting it on paper? NeoLAB's M1 smartpen brings the convenience of modern technology to traditional writing.
  • DIGITIZE, SHARE, SAVE - The Neo M1 seamlessly converts everything you write on paper to a digital format viewable on your devices. You can easily share your drawings and automatically back everything up.
  • NON-STOP WRITING - With a 125-day standby battery life, and 6 hours of combined writing time, you can write for 1000 pages before you need to recharge.
  • YOUR DIGITAL NOTEBOOK - Once digitized, you can convert your notes into digital text that you can search through. You can also erase unnecessary notes or highlight important ones with colors or comments.
  • COMPATIBILITY - The M1 works with cloud and note-taking applications like Evernote, Google Drive, Microsoft One Note, and Adobe Creative Cloud. Connect to devices running iOS 8.1 (or higher), Android 4.4 (or higher), or Windows 10.

Designed to feel and function just like an ordinary ballpoint pen, the M1 seamlessly converts everything you write or draw in a compatible notebook into a digital format that can be saved, searched through, and shared. Now instead of scanning all of your notes, sketches, illustrations, or musical compositions, they can instantly be available to you in a digital format.

The Neo Notes App
Available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10, the Neo Notes app connects to your M1 smartpen using Bluetooth and digitizes copies of everything written or drawn into compatible notebooks.

The PaperTube App
Also available for iOS and Android, PaperTube allows you to easily produce videos and record real-time screen and handwritten data, allowing you to create and share your story with your own theme and creations.


Auto On/Off: Open the pen cap to turn the Neo smartpen on, and put the cap back on to turn it off.

Offline Writing: The Neo smartpen can capture approximately 1000 pages in its internal memory.

Record & Replay: Record as you write, capturing your strokes and your voice recordings that are synced to your notes.

Manage Your Digital Notebook: You can create a custom digital notebook and copy important pages from your N notebooks to one that you've created.


Collaborate: Connect up to 7 pens to one PC at the same time, allowing all pens to write or draw on the same page in real-time.

Export: Export your handwritten notes or drawings as video, with or without the synced audio.

• Recognition Resolution: 1100 DPI
• Supported Languages: You can download up to 15 languages from the NeoLab website.
• Charge Time: ~90 Minutes
• Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 4.2 (CLASSIC/LE)
• USB Connection: Micro USB (Charging Only)
Manufacturer NeoLAB Convergence
Model # M1 Smartpen
Features Converts what you write on paper to a digital format viewable on your devices
Connectivity Micro USB (Charging Only)
Memory Internal 100MB Memory
Resolution Recognition Resolution: 1100 DPI
Dimensions Length 149.6mm (Excluding pen cap), Thickness 10.4~10.9mm
Compatible Bluetooth Profile Bluetooth 4.2 (CLASSIC/LE)
Support Codec Android Kitkat 4.4, BT 2.1 / iOS 8.1, BT 4.0