Samson G-Track Pro USB Microphone with Audio Interface Mute Volume Control BUNDLED WITH Blucoil Pop Filter AND 6​-Ft Extension Cable

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  • OFFERS 3 PICKUP PATTERN - You get three different polar patterns with the Samson G-Track Pro USB Microphone. Choose the omnidirectional setting to reproduce sounds coming from all directions including off-axis. The cardioid, on the other hand, captures sound in front of the mic and rejects noise from the rear and sides. You can use the bidirectional setting to pick up two instruments or vocalists as it picks up sound in front and back of the mic.
  • PROVIDES DIRECT MONITORING - Thanks to the built-in stereo 1/8" headphone output, the Samson G-Track Pro delivers zero-latency monitoring. For traveling musicians, this is your go-to mic as you no longer need to bring an external headphone amplifier or plug into a different sound system.
  • RECORDS VOCALS AND INSTRUMENTS AT THE SAME TIME - The built-in audio interface (with 1/8" headphone output) lets you connect your bass/electric guitar, drum machine, and keyboards to the G-Track Pro. The onboard mixer provides a Mic and Instrument input level controls for you to record with clean signals.
  • COMES WITH BLUCOIL EXCLUSIVES - This Samson bundle includes Blucoil Audio's premium extension cable and a universal microphone pop filter windscreen. The extension cable provides 6-ft of extra length to your headphones/earphones while maintaining the signal clarity. It is compatible with 3.5mm aux ports including smartphones, portable amps, stereo equipment, and more. The Pop Filter shields your recording from unwanted hissing or popping sounds caused by the "p", "b" and "g" consonants.
  • INCLUDES - Samson G-Track Pro USB Microphone. Blucoil Audio 6-ft Premium Extension Cable with Stereo 3.5mm Connectors (Male-to-Female). Blucoil Audio Microphone Pop Filter Double Layer Mask Shield with Stand Clip Stabilization Arm, Swivel Mount.

Samson G-Track Pro USB Microphone
The Samson G-Track Pro is an all-in-one condenser microphone equipped with an audio interface. It features three pickup patterns: omnidirectional, cardioid, and bi-directional with smooth, flat frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz. You connect this mic to any Mac or Windows PC via the USB output. Plus, the 1/4" instrument input allows you to connect your guitar to the microphone.

  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid/unidirectional, Figure-8/bidirectional, omnidirectional
  • Element: Dual back electret condenser
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz~20kHz
  • Diaphragm Thickness: 3 microns
  • Max Sensitivity: +6dB FS/Pa on all polar patterns
  • SPL: 120dB
  • Bit Depth/Sample Rate: 16 or 24bit/up to 96kHz
  • Digital Output: USB
  • Headphone Output/Impedance: 1/8" / 16 Ohm
  • Headphone Power Output: 85mW at 32 Ohm
  • Instrument Input/Impedance: 1/4" / 1 MOhm
  • Controls: Mute, Mic/Instrument/Headphone Volumes, Monitor On/Off, Mono/2 Track Recording Modes
  • Body Construction: Die-cast zinc, heavy gauge mesh
  • Weight: 3.52lb

Also Comes With

Blucoil Audio Microphone Pop Filter Windscreen
The Blucoil Audio 6-inch diameter Pop Filter has two-layered mesh for blocking plosive sounds and protecting the microphone from dust. It also features a 360° flexible gooseneck, which you can adjust to any angle. The Pop Filter also works with the following microphones:

Compatible devices: Samson: Meteor Mic, C01U Pro | Audio Technica: AT2020USB, AT2020, AT2035, AT4040, AT4050 | Sennheiser: e602 II, E609, e904 | Blue Microphones: Snowball iCE, Yeti USB, Snowball USB

Blucoil Audio Extension Cable
The Blucoil extension cable instantly adds 6 feet to your earphones/headphones. It is equipped with gold-plated universal 3.5mm male and female tips. Fully compatible with smartphones, computers, MP3 players, portable amps, and more!
Manufacturer Blucoil
Model # A668
Features all-in-one condenser microphone, Windows & Mac Compatibility
Accessories Samson G-Track Pro USB Microphone, Blucoil Audio 6-ft Extension Cable with Stereo 3.5mm Connectors (Male-to-Female), Blucoil Audio Microphone Pop Filter
Headphone Output Power 85mW @ 32 Ohm
Impedance 16 Ohm (1/8" Headphones OUT), 1 MOhm (1/4" Instrument IN)
Material Die-cast zinc, heavy gauge mesh
Sample Rate 16 or 24bit/up to 96kHz
Dimensions 13.3 x 6.6 x 6.3" (Package)
Weight 5.1500
Output Connector USB (Digital)
Type (Microphone) Dual back electret condenser
Sensitivity (Microphone) +6dB FS/Pa on all polar patterns
Frequency Response (Microphone) 50Hz~20kHz
Polar Pattern (Microphone) Cardioid/unidirectional, Figure-8/bidirectional, omnidirectional