Syrp Genie Motion Control for Panning and Linear Timelapse and Realtime Video - with 3C Link Cable for Select Canon Cameras

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  • An all-in-one device! No external batteries, controllers or loose wires - meaning that the Genie can be a part of your regular camera kit.
  • Works with all brands of cameras and tripods
  • Built-in Rechargeable Power Supply
  • Easy to use interface
  • Compact and sturdy design

The Genie is a simple, portable solution for motion control Time-lapse + Real-time video. Designed to be part of your regular camera kit, with no external wires, batteries or controllers there's no need to ever go without the option of motion control again. Simple. Portable. Genie. The key to the Genie lies in its compact size, easy-to-use menu and extreme versatility. Rather than limiting yourself to a fixed length rail system or slider, simply attach the Genie to your existing professional gear or DIY equipment for smooth Motion Control Time-lapse + Real-time video control. Flexible The Genie gives you the flexibility of using two axis in one device. Either Use the Genie on a tripod for panning motion or on a slider for tracking shots. Versatile Rather than creating an integrated motion control system that requires a specific camera slider we designed the Genie to work with all types of existing sliders. With just one click you can add amazing production value to your films. Once attached, program the Genie to perform motion control time-lapse or perfectly smooth real-time video moves. Works with DIY Imagine time-lapsing 100 metres between buildings in downtown New York or between mountain tops in the Himalayas. The Genie opens up endless possibilities for unlimited length time-lapse moves using its unique rope system. Build your own cable cam rig or attach the Genie to your old skat

Technical Specs:
  • MAXIMUM SPEED: Linear (Sliders) - 100cm (3.3ft) / 25 sec | Panning (Tripods) - 360 degrees / 6 secs.
  • POWER SUPPLY: Input : 240/110 50/60hz AC | Output : 15V 1.5A DC
  • BATTERY: Lithium ION internal battery 11.1V
  • CHARGE TIME: 4 Hours
  • BATTERY LIFE: More than 24 hours in time lapse mode & more than 6 hours in video mode
  • PAY LOAD: 33lbs (15Kg). Based off operation on a slider along a horizontal surface.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The Genie is compatible with 100s of different cameras including DSLRs, Mirror-less cameras and video cameras. For a full list of compatible cameras see the product - Link Cable. The Genie has a 3/8 UNC thread for attaching a Ballhead
  • INTERFACE: USB Port (Firmware updating), 2.5mm camera remote port (link cable), 3.5mm Sensor port (IR emitter), 15 DC input (charging port)
Manufacturer Syrp
Model # 00300001 3C
Cable Type 3C Link Cable for Canon
Battery Life More Than 24 Hours In Time Lapse Mode & More Than 6 Hours In Video Mode
Battery Type Lithium ION Internal Battery 11.1V
Compatibility DSLRs, Mirror-Less Cameras And Video Cameras
Interface USB Port (Firmware Updating), 2.5mm Camera Remote Port (Link Cable), 3.5mm Sensor Port (IR Emitter), 15 DC Input (Charging Port)
Power Supply Input : 240/110 50/60hz | AC Output : 15V 1.5A DC
Weight 1.0000
Speeds Linear (Sliders) - 100cm (3.3ft) / 25 Sec | Panning (Tripods) - 360 Degrees / 6 Secs.